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Your first Step on the Professional Journey

PostDoctoral Fellowships and Traineeships offer an important aspect of post graduate degree training. Postdoc positions often serve an important step in a career trajectory, such as toward becoming a professor or a research leader in industry or government.

The Graduate School has oversight of UConn policies and practices for postdoctoral associates on the Storrs and regional campuses. As such, services offered within the Graduate School are available to all postdoctoral fellows and trainees. Individuals interested in work at UCHC should connect with their Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Meet Our Postdocs

Irina Churavleva

Hello, I am Irina. My research consists of Physics of galaxy clusters: turbulence, microphysics, radiative transfer, physics of AGN feedback: AGN-ICM interaction, turbulence, gas heating.

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